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Designer Line

Our Designer Line is formulated without VOC's to provide supreme quality and will outperform virtually every other paint on the market. It offers outstanding performance, quality, ease of application and durability! Typically will cover 30% more than other comparable high end paints.

This paint is a designers dream choice for those who look for exceptional results and minimized environmental footprint. Also meets the requirements of LEED projects and Green Seal Certifications.

Dead Flat Sheen
The durable Dead Flat sheen allows for an unrivaled rich colour depth and also can help hide surface imperfections. This no-sheen look mimics the old fashioned distempers and milk paints of the past and are much sought after by designers and homeowners alike. Unlike the common flat paints on the market this 100% acrylic dead flat finish resists marking and is completely washable . It can be used throughout your home. Please note that some colours may appear darker due to the flatness of the sheen.

Low Sheen
Produces a subtle, soft, eggshell sheen. This durable finish is highly scrubbable which makes it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, doors, and trim.

Semi-Gloss Sheen
This sheen is typically used for trim and can be tinted to suit any colour you desire. It is extremely durable and will withstand heavy wear.

We manufacture our products in Ontario and source all materials locally.

Download our technical data sheet and MSDS here

What is the Difference between our Designer Line and Professional Line?

In short: Sheen & Durability

The Designer Line comes in 3 Different sheens; Dead Flat, Eggshell or Semi-Gloss. It is the premium line of our paints.

The lowest sheen Dead Flat has virtually no reflectance value, it does not pick up the oils from your finger prints, it resists water marks (even in kitchens and bathrooms!) Best of all the Dead Flat is highly durable and washable.

The Professional Line is available in a Matte finish only and has a washable finish. It is a very high quality paint, comparable to most other competitors high end products, however at a lower price.

All in all with the Designer line you have a wider selection of sheens, and an increased durabitlity factor in comparison to the professional line which only offers one sheen and is washable only.


250ml $9.99 covers 30sq ft
1 Quart $21.99 covers 150sq ft
1 Gallon $69.99 covers 500-600sq ft
Available in Washable & scrubbable finishes
Offers exceptional coverage
Dead Flat, Low Sheen and Semi-Gloss
Unlimited colours available
No primer required on previously
   painted surfaces
Exceeds LEED Certication and
   Green Seal Standards
Contains no formaldehyde, biocides,
   fungicides, toluene or benzyne

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Bedroom repaint. As a professional painter I have used a multitude of environmentally friendly paints. I have been impressed with many lines including Ben Moore eco-spec, Behr and Para. I am most impressed with Homestead House not only because a gallon of their paint covers 25-50% more but also with the customer service you receive as one small business to another. I firmly believe in the philosophy of "voting with your dollar". As much as I appreciate the large companies running away with, promoting and capitalizing on "green" ideas we need to continue to support small, local and, most importantly, progressive companies. If not just because their paint is incredible and goes further then because these are the kinds of people and businesses we need to support to keep Toronto healthy. - Cycling Painters

Homestead house is the only paint smart owners should use. New baby's bedroom. The idea of using zero VOC paint in our new son's room made perfect sense. The paint quality is superb and the staff is extremely well versed in advising on colours. As owner of &, the true value of using this super eco friendly paint is ten fold its value. As a result, each of my sellers now gets a $100 paint pre-listing credit if using no voc paints from Homestead. - in Queen West Toronto

Gallery Exhibition. Organizing an exhibition from across the country is a difficult task, but Homestead House made my life and job much easier. I managed to get the amount I needed and the colour matched perfectly with their help, which I appreciate so much. We wanted an environmentally friendly option and we got that with Homestead House and their zero VOC paint. I know the gallery will be using their services again and I would recommend their product to anyone. - Christine in Vancouver

Homestead House more than helpful. Paint for entire condo. We had a huge project on our hands and we loved the idea of shopping local, plus eco friendly. What we didn't expect was the time and love they put into helping us choose the right colour and formula for our place. They treated it like it was paint for their own home. The bulk amount product was also ready faster than we could have ever expected. We recommend Homestead House to everyone! - Jacquie & Mike, Toronto

Painting our new condo. It's great walking in to a small company because they work really hard to please you. Here you have their undivided attention to help go over your project, talk about colours, paint application techniques, etc. Jen was kind enough to come to our new condo (investment property) for a colour consultation. She was able to help us pick colours that were popular/trendy so we would have people tripping over themselves to lease it from us. She was even kind enough to offer us some decor advice. We painted the entire place with Homestead House Zero VOC paint. The coverage was fantastic and the no VOCs cut the smell down to virtually nothing. I have to say, this is the first time I didn't get a headache from painting. We'll definitely be using Homestead House paint next time we buy or renovate! - James, Toronto

Paint for new condo. I cannot say enough good things about this company. The customer service is exceptional: Jen incredibly friendly, patient and accommodating. She also has a ton of great suggestions. The product is amazing. Our painter was so impressed with the quality of the paint that he asked for the company's business card. Highly recommended - N Laporte, Toronto

Renovations. We are almost finished all of our painting with your Zero VOC latex and every colour looks fantastic! The whites are also beautiful! The finish is unlike any other paint. Our favorite part of our renovations is the paint! It is making our house look amazing! Our painters say it is the best they have ever worked with. We are very very happy! - Sarah, Magdalen Islands, Quebec

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