Homestead house Milk Paint colours

Colour Chart

Sturbridge White


Raw Silk


Stone Fence




Combed Wool

Buttermilk Cream




Prairie Sunset

Garden Seed

Antique Gold



Dusty Rose

Texas Rose

Autumn Leaves


Trading Post Red

Mennonite Red

Fort York Red

Barn Red





Niagara Green

Quaker Blue

Renfrew Blue

Rideau Blue

Maritime Blue

Ocean Blue

Gaspe Green

Homestead Blue

St-Laurent Blue

Soldier Blue

Liberty Blue

Steel Blue

Midnight Blue

Windsor Green



Upper Canada Green

Acadia Pear


Waterloo Green

Kentucky Green

Pioneer Green



Coal Black

Cathedral Taupe


* Homestead House does its best to display accurate colors online, but the however on-screen colour representations vary from actual paint colours. It is simply a computer representation of the paint colour to help give you an idea of the colour. Every single computer monitor will display these colors differently.

** Although we do our best to ensure exact colour matching, there may be slight batch variations over time due to pigments changing and the aging of the paint. Be sure to mix several cans of paint together of the same colour to ensure that any batch variations are nullified. Also, it is always a good idea to keep a small can of paint used for future touch ups to ensure that you have the exact same colour.



Milk Paint and finishes for kitchen table and chairs.

by Alex in Montreal

I needed paint and finishes to restore my kitchen table and chairs but I wanted the safest and most eco-friendly products. I was really happy to find homestead house paint's milk paint and no-VOC finishes. The milk paint is easy enough to use, really safe and gives excellent results. The same thing goes for the Hemp Oil finish and Beeswax. I simply love everything. 

I'm no expert at this kind of stuff but they really guided me with what I needed and how much. I was surprised to get such excellent and quick service. 

I'm proud to have this Canadian company do such amazing products!

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Milk Paint for furniture reproduction.

by Derrick from British Columbia

I am trying to create primitive american furniture. The paint quality is excellent, and the look is perfect. I cannot imagine why people would choose retail latex or oil paints over milk paint. The product is vastly superior.

Tags: milk paint
Homestead House Milk Paint.

by Marian, from Pennsylvania

Homestead House Milk Paint is my go-to finish for raw wood surfaces and when I want to create an authentic aged look on vintage furniture.  Their paint is simple to use and the results are beautiful. .

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