About Us

Keeping the tradition alive with historical paints and colours

Originating as the only Canadian Milk Paint manufacturer, our family run company has shown its dedication and commitment to providing high quality non-toxic paints across North America since 1988. With the increasing demand of eco-conscious consumers and years of innovation we are now able to provide a premium Zero VOC paint that no competitor can rival.

By enforcing GreenSeal standards we help to provide our customer with paint that targets the increasing concerns for the environment without compromising quality, durability or performance. Its about making the right choice and in doing so we all have the ability to provide ourselves with a healthier lifestyle.

In using premium quality raw materials, our zero VOC paint is virtually odourless, non-toxic and provides 30% more coverage per gallon. Another great feature is its ability to cover previously painted surfaces (in good condition) without a primer.

Our outstanding in-store specialists strive to make your decisions easier! Whether you need help selecting colours, quantity of paint or aren't quite sure which product to select our in-store product specialists are highly knowledgeable and can help you every step of the way.


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